Friday, May 16, 2014


It is finally time for Folken camping!!! There isn't much we've been looking forward to as much as this trip.
We have Logan, the camper car, all set up. We have plenty of battery power to share with everyone.
The only trouble we've had so far is we forgot to bring enough coffee grounds for the entire trip, and Rebecca left Floppy behind and had to go back and get him. I'm thankful she was willing to go back and get him.
Weather has been just dark and rainy so far, but we don't care. We're just thrilled to be here. This is the first community to accept us as individual people, which is the greatest feeling in the world. I wish every plural could experience such acceptance.
Not much is going on yet, it's a small crowd this time, but... we're home, at least for a few days.