Monday, July 8, 2013

Health, a break, and activism.

As some may know, we have slowed down and quieted down a bit due to an issue with our balance. Whether or not we can walk straight is a moment by moment answer. Yet... We're still publicly plural, still showing that it isn't multiplicity that took us out of commission.

Some of you may also remember the incident with having our articles removed by other activists for the purpose of shutting us up. That group clung to those who removed the articles, even if they did say they disagreed with removing articles. We lost all motivation of working with that group as the people who took the articles down are still in charge and basically worshipped.

Now, I'm told my system are not activists at all by the supposed leader of that group. This leaves me wondering... What counts as activism.
We still educate people about multiplicity, and in 2 languages! We still answer posts online, correcting bad info or answering questions. We still show people, publicly, that we are perfectly fine as we are. Even at work, we are still known by our individual names and customers get to see that yes, a plural can earn a living. (Excluding the fact that our balance problem has landed us on disability)

Activism isn't necessarily a specific set of actions. Its a mindset with the goal to change people's point of view.
The number of tines we get told we changed somebody's thoughts of what a multiple is are too many to count.  To me, that is living our life in a way that changes people's point of view.

Too bad not everyone sees it this way.