Saturday, May 11, 2013

A quiet night in the woods.

I'm here in Massachusetts again. I'm here to visit some friends of mine, and we had a free night of camping with the purchase of one night, so I decided to take a weekend in the campground. It's just me this time, my headmates are tucked quietly inside. I really just needed a little me time out in the outer world. Having learned enough sign language to begin expressing myself a bit, I've made some friends. However, I still need to learn who I really am. That might sound silly, but think about it... I've been a shy, quiet, nerd who avoids people... not because that is how I really am, but because I couldn't just communicate freely. Now, I can communicate with people. I can be included in a group, and not left to sit there and listen to speaking people talk. Now I get spend time with friends, and actually chime in, with my hands. It's a night and day experience, and even a little overwhelming at times. Most people have lot's of practice just chatting with people. I really haven't, aside from across the internet. To make things a little more overwhelming, I don't yet know enough sign language to really convey some of the deeper aspects of myself. I could chit chat, play games, but I couldn't sit here and have a conversation about my political opinions, for example.
Anyway, as I learn more ASL, I'm learning more about myself. I didn't know I was funny! I didn't know I was silly at times! It's been an interesting journey so far. I'm determined to at least finish my ASL course by summer's end. I want to be at least as good at ASL as I am with a keyboard. That's my personal goal.

The campfire doesn't seem to like me tonight. I had it going, and then it just died and I can't seem to get it relit.

No big deal, I'll survive. The main attraction for me this weekend is seeing my friends. There's a pot luck game night tomorrow. I'm so excited. I modified a pasta salad recipe, and it came out amazing. I can't wait till they try it!
I haven't really cooked for people before. I'm both excited and really nervous. Although, these guys know a lot about me already and still choose to spend time with me, so I'm not sure what I'm still nervous about.

Also tonight, I'm testing a few things on our camper car. We want to be able to use it when there is no electrical power. I'll be testing a propane heater, as well as the auxiliary battery. So far, the aux battery is more limited that expected. Although it runs the lights, and even the stereo nicely, it struggles to roll down a window and outright failed when I plugged in the laptop. It'll run lights for weeks though! There just might not be enough quickly available power to run the shock of rolling up a window or kicking on a laptop charger. If it runs the lights, the music, and charges a smartphone, that's all we need it to do on battery power.
For those of you not yet familiar with the camper car project, check out a couple photos.

It's a lot more comfy than it looks. It now has a nice bed and stuff in it. However, there's no need to bring a lantern, or a tent. Comfy cozy, with light and music!

I'm looking forward to having a talk with my deity this weekend too. Sometimes, I loose touch with them for a while. I hate when it happens, but that is just part of being human. Humans are busy.

Talking of being human, I'm getting a bit tired. I'm going to have to end this post here. I'll probably post again tomorrow. Maybe I can get some better photos of the camper car.

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