Thursday, August 16, 2012

Silenced by Astraea's Web

Our blog is about the good, the bad, and the ugly in our life as a publicly visible multiple system. Tonight, I post about the truly ugly. Our voices were squelched by our own kind, members of our own community.
We wrote articles for inclusion on Astraea's Web. These articles were written with the intent to shed some light on some issues multiples deal with, to share some of our story, to add our voices to the other voices about what we live. One of our littles even wrote something a bit more philosophical than we would've expected from her. These articles were read, approved, and posted by those who run Astraea's Web.

Some time later, in an unrelated turn of events, another system that we had friends in decided to turn on us. They spread around false accusations, stating that we were stalking them. These accusations are false and come from a paranoid member of that system over reacting to a misunderstanding.
One of them had sent us all friend requests on Facebook. We accepted. Later, the more paranoid member of their system threw a fit and demanded we never use Facebook to contact them. Unfortunately, not fronting very often, Julie was not present for that conversation. When Julie came front and saw her friend request sitting there, she accepted. Julie simply hadn't known we had been asked not to use Facebook to speak to them. We explained this to them, but it fell on deaf ears. The friendships dissolved, suddenly and angrily.
It was all because of this one paranoid member of their system. She didn't even allow us to say goodbye to the other friends we had in that system.
This is where it should have ended.
Instead, she decided to make those accusations.

Fast forward to the present...
We have not seen hide nor hair of that system, our former friends. We don't talk about them, we rarely think about them, we have done all we can to move on.
However, those who run Astraea's Web caught wind of these accusations. Silently, without asking our side of the story, or even notifying us, they removed all our articles from their web site. Once confronted, they said it was because of the accusations made by our former friends.
We attempted to give our side of the story. They insist they "get the picture" following our explanation.
Now, they are saying they will not restore our posted articles for fear of "legal unpleasantness".
There are no legal proceedings between us and our former friends. Even if there were, Astraea's Web would not be involved in any shape or form, as their site has absolutely nothing to do with what we were accused of.
When confronted on how the accusations are even relevant to our works written for Astraea's Web, they avoid even answering the question. 

So here we are. Silenced by our own kind. Astraea's Web was seen as the go to place for information on real multiples, not just DID multiples.
Instead allowing our voices to be heard, they have taken a stand... right on our throat.

We used to refer people to Astraea's Web for information about multiplicity.
We can no longer make such referrals.

If they wish to pull our content, then we will simply have to drive traffic to our own sites. We will be heard! We will never be quiet!