Friday, February 17, 2012

We're so disrespectful, Apparently.

A system has decided to get in touch with us via Twitter to accuse us of being disrespectful to people who "deal with this disorder". I can't understand how claiming to not be DID/MPD is disrespectful to people who do claim their multiplicity is DID/MPD. We also have claimed not to have ADHD, Aids, and the black plague. Wow, have we disrespected them also?! None of us have a cold right now. Crap, just alienated cold sufferers everywhere!!!!

Anyway, read for yourself what they said:

Just Call Me Frank™© @JstCallMeFrank
you are disrespectful.
and since we can't seem to post our comments on your blog we have the following to say:
From your business card: "Multiplicity is not always MPD/DID, and not always caused by trauma!" UNTRUE.
From your "bio" : "We are multiple, but we don't have MPD or DID. We are not disordered, we just simply share our one body."...
That IS DID/MPD. We know more about you than you know & we find you disrespectful to the people who deal with this disorder.

First, how are they not able to comment on our blog? Everyone reading this, please comment below about how much you can't comment on our blog.

Multiplicity really ISN'T ALWAYS a disorder. We know a few systems who are not MPD/DID. Simply being several people in a shared body does NOT make you DID. Even the criterion for DID states this! Might I point you to Mia's article on it... Click Here.

What bother's me the most is that thease people claim to know us better than we know us. How is that even posible? They're outsiders. Outsiders can not know a system more than the system's insiders know. It's impossible.
Further more, accusing us of being disrespectful for simply having a different point of view regarding plurality is just pathetic. We never said DID wasn't real, or no multiples are disordered, or anything of that nature. We don't claim anything about other systems. We are not DID. If some other system is, that's them. We are still us, and still not disordered.

Just to add to this...
We invited them to explain their accusation. We asked them to explain to us how we are disrespecting systems who do consider themselves DID. They have never answered us. No response. Just insult and run.

We are multiple. We are pleased, happy, and content in being multiple. We work as a team to take care of outside responsibilities in our day to day life. We are a loving, close knit family. We are note disordered, we are not MPD, we are not DID.
We are The JC Klatch, and we are damn proud of it!

The JC Klatch