Friday, February 17, 2012

We're so disrespectful, Apparently.

A system has decided to get in touch with us via Twitter to accuse us of being disrespectful to people who "deal with this disorder". I can't understand how claiming to not be DID/MPD is disrespectful to people who do claim their multiplicity is DID/MPD. We also have claimed not to have ADHD, Aids, and the black plague. Wow, have we disrespected them also?! None of us have a cold right now. Crap, just alienated cold sufferers everywhere!!!!

Anyway, read for yourself what they said:

Just Call Me Frank™© @JstCallMeFrank
you are disrespectful.
and since we can't seem to post our comments on your blog we have the following to say:
From your business card: "Multiplicity is not always MPD/DID, and not always caused by trauma!" UNTRUE.
From your "bio" : "We are multiple, but we don't have MPD or DID. We are not disordered, we just simply share our one body."...
That IS DID/MPD. We know more about you than you know & we find you disrespectful to the people who deal with this disorder.

First, how are they not able to comment on our blog? Everyone reading this, please comment below about how much you can't comment on our blog.

Multiplicity really ISN'T ALWAYS a disorder. We know a few systems who are not MPD/DID. Simply being several people in a shared body does NOT make you DID. Even the criterion for DID states this! Might I point you to Mia's article on it... Click Here.

What bother's me the most is that thease people claim to know us better than we know us. How is that even posible? They're outsiders. Outsiders can not know a system more than the system's insiders know. It's impossible.
Further more, accusing us of being disrespectful for simply having a different point of view regarding plurality is just pathetic. We never said DID wasn't real, or no multiples are disordered, or anything of that nature. We don't claim anything about other systems. We are not DID. If some other system is, that's them. We are still us, and still not disordered.

Just to add to this...
We invited them to explain their accusation. We asked them to explain to us how we are disrespecting systems who do consider themselves DID. They have never answered us. No response. Just insult and run.

We are multiple. We are pleased, happy, and content in being multiple. We work as a team to take care of outside responsibilities in our day to day life. We are a loving, close knit family. We are note disordered, we are not MPD, we are not DID.
We are The JC Klatch, and we are damn proud of it!

The JC Klatch


  1. The funny thing is even from the DSM, it's not a disorder unless it is impacting your day to day life negatively. People who get attention from suffering don't like it when others thrive in the same or a similar situation.

  2. First off, how arrogant is this person that they presume to know more about you than you know? Really?

    Personally, I feel like calling multiplicity a "Disorder" is insulting to us. We are a trauma multiple, but we are fully functional and successful in life. We do have PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic, etc. - and those are things which we consider "disorders". Those are things we need "treatment" for, and indeed we take medication. Those are the things that disrupt our day to day life without medical treatment.

    If a person believes their multiplicity is a disorder and disrupting their life, that's their prerogative, but to claim that their truth is The Truth is something quite different and arrogant and disrespectful to the Nth degree. I think this person needs to look in the mirror when pointing a finger and calling you disrespectful.

    My unvarnished opinion is that it does multiples of all types no good and a total disservice when multiplicity is perpetuated as an illness from which people suffer and multiples are portrayed as helpless and/or totally psycho like they are in the media. It doesn't have to be that way. There are a lot of us out there quietly living happy and functional lives.

  3. We have gotten some letters like this. On our website, we question the dominant paradigm. Some people feel very threatened by the essays we have there by multiples (like you guys) who just are that way and didn't go through some extreme life-threatening experience to get that way.

    This group (or anyway, this guy) probably thinks being multiple makes them part of some chosen few -- like having to go through ordeals to be a shaman -- and by saying you went through no "initiation" process, you are threatening their mythology. Being multiple isn't something that is set off in any special way from the rest of life; it is part of life.

    Anyway, "I know you better than you know" is really lame, like "You don't know who you're dealing with". This bunch have lost their sense of proportion somewhere. They're liable to get trolled themselves if they keep that up.

    We'd never even heard of this group/guy until we started looking around for "multiple personality podcasts" to give examples at Plural Activism. We checked out their Tumblr and it's not for the squeamish. 2 stars for effort. And if they don't respond to your requests for dialog, then they're just another troll.

  4. Brett v d BarenleuteFebruary 18, 2012 at 9:05 PM

    We have been diagnosed as having "multiple personalities" for some years, now, and can vouch that we have been living as Multiples since the early 1950s, although we didn't have the vocabulary to describe it that way, at the time. I won't say it has always been a bed of roses, and there were times when the various factions within us did not accept each other well, or communicate effectively. Having said this, however, I would also state that we DO NOT have a "disorder" or "syndrome" or "mental illness." Our therapist agrees with us on this point. The many folk who share this body get along remarkably well, and we feel that being Multiple is a blessing that has enabled us to live a richer, safer life, rather than a curse or a problem that needs "fixing." Our spouse, who is also Multiple, shares these feelings and this experience of Plurality. I'm sorry that there are some folks that feel that it is "disrespectful" to believe that we do not suffer for being Multiple. Personally, I think that attitude smacks of sour grapes. Rejoice with us in Multiplicity, rather than search for problems.

  5. Came across this and thought of this situation. :D

  6. You're childish Jessie, and you make things up for attention. That's why you were called out. You purposely leave "business cards" lying around in public places to spark up arguments.

    The problem is you just magically one day started approaching people who have been acquainted to you for years and said "Oh by the way I'm nine people inside one body now." It was just another attempt to draw attention based on "shock value" and everybody around you pretty much just said it was bullshit.

  7. Just want to comment that the reason most people think plurals are disordered is because mentally okay people don't usually go to therapists. (That is, most plurals going to therapists are the not-okay ones.)

  8. Hi, Becca.

    I randomly came across your system's website this evening. I have an online friend who is part of a multiple system, and I was googling random multiple-related terms out of curiosity. I like that you guys are doing this, and I get the impression that you specifically are pretty similar to me. Keep it up.

  9. You wrote; Multiplicity really ISN'T ALWAYS a disorder.

    We not only agree, but top that. In our thoughts,multiplicity IS NEVER a disorder. A system can be in disorder, need to learn how to communicate and stuff, but BEING multiple, IS NOT A DISORDER

  10. Speaking as a therapist, it is my personal feeling that multiplicity is never a "disorder". Disruption may be caused by one or members of a system having an unrelated disorder (such as ADHD) but that means the members are unhealthy, not the system.

    This person obviously was not speaking from a position of experience on the subject, or much in the way of common sense either. Sounds like he goes to a mainstream therapist who convince him that multiplicity was the source of all his problems. I'd bet good money it's not.

    You are happy with your state of being. He suffers from the same state of being. Sounds like a personal problem. I love the rain, some people hate it. Teaching me to hate it too wouldn't make them feel any better, so it's kinda dumb. He should learn to face his real issues.

    He apparently suffers what I call the Freudian Projection. Freud talked about sexual dysfunction and blaming the mother, because that's what he had and he desperately wanted to believe he was normal. Same principle here; "I feel X, therefore X must be normal. Anyone who disagrees with X is either wrong or insane."

    May you find what you seek,