Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here we are!

I see big big things on our horizon. This is getting interesting.
It seems that being out and open, allowing ourselves to be seen, is getting us.... well... seen!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Silenced by Astraea's Web

Our blog is about the good, the bad, and the ugly in our life as a publicly visible multiple system. Tonight, I post about the truly ugly. Our voices were squelched by our own kind, members of our own community.
We wrote articles for inclusion on Astraea's Web. These articles were written with the intent to shed some light on some issues multiples deal with, to share some of our story, to add our voices to the other voices about what we live. One of our littles even wrote something a bit more philosophical than we would've expected from her. These articles were read, approved, and posted by those who run Astraea's Web.

Some time later, in an unrelated turn of events, another system that we had friends in decided to turn on us. They spread around false accusations, stating that we were stalking them. These accusations are false and come from a paranoid member of that system over reacting to a misunderstanding.
One of them had sent us all friend requests on Facebook. We accepted. Later, the more paranoid member of their system threw a fit and demanded we never use Facebook to contact them. Unfortunately, not fronting very often, Julie was not present for that conversation. When Julie came front and saw her friend request sitting there, she accepted. Julie simply hadn't known we had been asked not to use Facebook to speak to them. We explained this to them, but it fell on deaf ears. The friendships dissolved, suddenly and angrily.
It was all because of this one paranoid member of their system. She didn't even allow us to say goodbye to the other friends we had in that system.
This is where it should have ended.
Instead, she decided to make those accusations.

Fast forward to the present...
We have not seen hide nor hair of that system, our former friends. We don't talk about them, we rarely think about them, we have done all we can to move on.
However, those who run Astraea's Web caught wind of these accusations. Silently, without asking our side of the story, or even notifying us, they removed all our articles from their web site. Once confronted, they said it was because of the accusations made by our former friends.
We attempted to give our side of the story. They insist they "get the picture" following our explanation.
Now, they are saying they will not restore our posted articles for fear of "legal unpleasantness".
There are no legal proceedings between us and our former friends. Even if there were, Astraea's Web would not be involved in any shape or form, as their site has absolutely nothing to do with what we were accused of.
When confronted on how the accusations are even relevant to our works written for Astraea's Web, they avoid even answering the question. 

So here we are. Silenced by our own kind. Astraea's Web was seen as the go to place for information on real multiples, not just DID multiples.
Instead allowing our voices to be heard, they have taken a stand... right on our throat.

We used to refer people to Astraea's Web for information about multiplicity.
We can no longer make such referrals.

If they wish to pull our content, then we will simply have to drive traffic to our own sites. We will be heard! We will never be quiet!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bingo at Deer Haven

We got to play Bingo at Deer Haven Campground!

Guess what....
We won the final cover all!!!!!

Ugh! It won't close!! Damn money! Ha ha ha!

Camping at Deer Haven

Hello followers! This would be our first post under our new format (life as multiple instead of just issues specifically attached to multiplicity), and it is our first camping trip entirely by ourselves.
We are currently camping at the Deer Haven camp-grounds. Honestly, we were all expecting a slightly sub par camping experience given the inexpensive camp fee. All we were looking for was a patch of grass, a tree, and an electrical outlet. Deer Haven far exceeded our expectations. The only things not at this campground that we see at more expensive grounds are the arcade games, which we have no real use for. Of course, they could still be hiding around here. A wonderful campground at a fantastic price. Just don't let that price fool you, we love this place!
Our camp site, as well as the grounds, are exceptionally clean. The only trash to be found was in the trash cans. Car paths are clear, making access to the sites a breeze. Electrical hook ups are safe, and in excellent condition. Site numbers are well marked.
The grounds are reasonably quite, there is plenty of wild life here to enjoy.

Enough about the grounds, let's talk about our stay here.

This is our second trip using our car as a camper. This has turned out to be a good idea. Hardly any set up, drives away in a flash. Why pack to go home and unpack to put it away? Just go home, and items can go straight from car to where they belong.

It's a Car!

It's a Camper!

It's Logan! (shown here supporting our mission to raise awareness of healthy multiples)
....and Yes, Logan plugs in to run lights, the stereo, DC sockets, and charge the starter battery. Go Go Gadget Wagon! Also, with the parking lights engaged, two of our Pro Multiplicity stickers are illuminated for easy night viewing!
 We have a beautiful and comfortable site, located right on the river. Take a look at our site!

Water, power, picnic table, and a place for fire. What more could a multiple ask for? Oh, right, Wifi to post on our blog with. Yes, it has that too!

We're having a great time. I'm getting in some meditation, Mia got to relax, Lilly will be reading later, and even Kate may get to relax out here.  Mia and Luna will be playing Bingo in about 45 minutes. The only downside to this place is it costs money to take a shower, but the internet is free. Weird.
I guess if you're broke and can't take a shower, you can update your Facebook status about how smelly you are!

We have plenty of wildlife to hang out with.

That includes some ridiculous bugs!

Who apparently can't read!

Our first night here, we realised we had forgotten our camp stove. I had to "McGuiver" (as Jenn put it) a way for us to cook using just the fire ring, as well as Logan's jack handle and tire iron.

Our mother brought us our camp stove so we won't have to fight with it like that again. I think tonight is spaghetti! Last night was soy chicken and vegetables. It was absolutely delicious!

Floppy has been holding our keys for us! Good boy, Floppy!

I have tonight's camp fire all built and ready to be lit. It should light with a single match! 

Overall, we are having a great time. If you recognise us while out camping, please, come say "hi" and hang out with us a while. If you are camping in CT this summer, or fall, or even winter, let us know. Maybe we'll snag the site next to you!
We always welcome new friends.
Just please be aware that if you join us, we are, of course, Publicly Plural. We will not hide ourselves or act singlet in any way. Life is meant to  be lived as yourself, and closets are for coats and brooms.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's switch up the blog a bit

Our life as an open multiple has become something that "just is". We are just openly multiple. It's no longer these isolated events, and that lead to this blog becomming stale. So we're going to switch it up a bit. This blog won't just be about what happens when we tell someone we're multiple, but also about our life as a multiple. Maybe nothing specifically multiple related in nature happened in a particular day, but we can still post. Maybe we just had a good time together somewhere or something. In short, this blog will be including what we, an openly multiple system, are doing and experiencing. What is life like being openly multiple. More to come! Stay tuned!

Friday, February 17, 2012

We're so disrespectful, Apparently.

A system has decided to get in touch with us via Twitter to accuse us of being disrespectful to people who "deal with this disorder". I can't understand how claiming to not be DID/MPD is disrespectful to people who do claim their multiplicity is DID/MPD. We also have claimed not to have ADHD, Aids, and the black plague. Wow, have we disrespected them also?! None of us have a cold right now. Crap, just alienated cold sufferers everywhere!!!!

Anyway, read for yourself what they said:

Just Call Me Frank™© @JstCallMeFrank
you are disrespectful.
and since we can't seem to post our comments on your blog we have the following to say:
From your business card: "Multiplicity is not always MPD/DID, and not always caused by trauma!" UNTRUE.
From your "bio" : "We are multiple, but we don't have MPD or DID. We are not disordered, we just simply share our one body."...
That IS DID/MPD. We know more about you than you know & we find you disrespectful to the people who deal with this disorder.

First, how are they not able to comment on our blog? Everyone reading this, please comment below about how much you can't comment on our blog.

Multiplicity really ISN'T ALWAYS a disorder. We know a few systems who are not MPD/DID. Simply being several people in a shared body does NOT make you DID. Even the criterion for DID states this! Might I point you to Mia's article on it... Click Here.

What bother's me the most is that thease people claim to know us better than we know us. How is that even posible? They're outsiders. Outsiders can not know a system more than the system's insiders know. It's impossible.
Further more, accusing us of being disrespectful for simply having a different point of view regarding plurality is just pathetic. We never said DID wasn't real, or no multiples are disordered, or anything of that nature. We don't claim anything about other systems. We are not DID. If some other system is, that's them. We are still us, and still not disordered.

Just to add to this...
We invited them to explain their accusation. We asked them to explain to us how we are disrespecting systems who do consider themselves DID. They have never answered us. No response. Just insult and run.

We are multiple. We are pleased, happy, and content in being multiple. We work as a team to take care of outside responsibilities in our day to day life. We are a loving, close knit family. We are note disordered, we are not MPD, we are not DID.
We are The JC Klatch, and we are damn proud of it!

The JC Klatch