Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I had an interesting conversation with a client at work recently. Because of an unusually heavy work schedule, Mia and I were switching off, each doing service calls that were easiest for us. So, we had on both my ankh and the pentacle necklace that belongs to Mia and Julie. The following conversation took place at work.

Client: "I like your necklace, the pentacle. I have one similar to it."
Me: "Oh, thank you. It actually belongs to a couple of my headmates."
Client: "Headmates? What's a headmate?"
Me: "A lot like roommates, but much closer quarters! We're a multiple. There are a few of us in this body, and we all have to share it and take turns with it. Headmates are those other people I share this body with."
Client: "That's... different"

Different? Only to singlets! ;)