Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trouble at the Diner

Kate, Becca, and myself were talking at the front.
Unfortunately, some jerks decided to whip out their camera phone and video tape us.

I didn't realize this until they concluded their video with comments about how we should be in a padded room, and how they were posting their video on Facebook.
Right... So the multiple needs to be in a padded cell, even though they were sitting minding their own business, but nothing needs to be done about assholes harassing people.

Well, assholes... We might be "crazy", but we'll take "crazy" over "asshole" as a title any day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confronting the Woman at FedEx!

I saw that woman at FedEx today. Nervous, and still angry, I confronted her. I told her how her comment was not ok. I told her that assuming a change in mood was a change in who's front was offensive. I told her I was pissed.
What I got was the most inscincere appology I've ever heard. That's ok though. I stood my ground and told her that her BS remark about our system was not ok. I'm dissapointed that it had little to no impact, but I am proud to have made my point.

People sharing a body are still people, and dismissing us is not acceptable!

She says crap again, I'll report her again. Someone wants to stay in their closed mind believing I'm just an emotion, they are entitled to their very wrong opinion. Mistreating me and mine over said wrong opinion, that crosses the line!

I am a person, and I WILL be respected as such!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Negative Remark

I said we'd even blog about the bad experiences, so here goes...
We're field techs. We pick up parts at the offices of a well known shipping company. Every morning, we give them a list of waybills, they give us boxes. Most of the staff knows we're multiple, and treat us very nicely.
Today, however, I got Brenda. Becca hasn't mentioned any trouble with Brenda, but today she really rubbed m the wrong way!
I gave her my list, and takes 3 customers whocame in after me, just ignoring my list. I speak up, sternly, but calmly, and she gives me some excuse.
A few minutes later, another employee comes to the counter to take other customers, and also says hi and asks me how I'm doing. Brenda says "Oh, she's in a bad mood today!". Bad mood? No, I just don't tolerate being ignored.
She then says, in a deragatory tone, "Yeah, she just yelled at me! She must be one of her other selves today!", and laughs, then refers to me by our body name.
Bitch! First, I was happy till she ignored me and ate up m valuable work time! Second, just because someone pissed me off doesn't mean we switched! What, am I some card board cut out here to express a single emotion? She being a bitch today. By that dumb ass logic, that means she's a multiple in deial! FAIL!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Awesome conversation at work!

I hope I can remember everything I wanted to post. I've had quite a hard day.

Today at work, I was crouched over a client's computer. I don't remember exactly how or why, but it came up that we're multiple.
This guy didn't go the usual "You're joking?" route I've come to expect.
He instantly had a ton of questions, which I don't mind. Most times, we're the first multiple people have ever met.
He asked about if we can talk to each other inside, what it sounds like, what's it like being away from the front... the usual curious stuff.
One set of questions I found odd was about eating. No, dude, we don't eat 9 people's worth of food. Just 1 body, just 1 "singletworth" of food.

One of the most interesting things he said, and I won't be able to remember it verbatim, was...
"I think you should be open about it. If you hadn't said anything, and then suddenly you were a whole nother person, I might be a little weirded out. ...but now that you said something, if you switched, I'd be like 'oooh, ok, I already know what this is'. Definitely better to be open about it."
Well said, man. Well said.

That really is in line with what we've experienced. When people "figured out" or "discovered" we are multiple, they were scared, weirded out, put off, any number of negative emotions. However, when we're just up front, "hey, I'm me, and these are the rest of the system I live in", people were more open to it. Even the ones who don't want to understand were less negative and more tolerant.
Open is consistently proving to yield far favorable results!