Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trouble at the Diner

Kate, Becca, and myself were talking at the front.
Unfortunately, some jerks decided to whip out their camera phone and video tape us.

I didn't realize this until they concluded their video with comments about how we should be in a padded room, and how they were posting their video on Facebook.
Right... So the multiple needs to be in a padded cell, even though they were sitting minding their own business, but nothing needs to be done about assholes harassing people.

Well, assholes... We might be "crazy", but we'll take "crazy" over "asshole" as a title any day!


  1. Well, they say there's no such thing as bad publicity.....


    If this ever should happen again, perhaps you should whip out your own camera and start taking pictures of them.

    Andy & John

  2. The last one we heard was "Those are three weirdest things I've ever seen!" as my family and I walked through a Home Depot.

  3. Surrepetitious recording in closed space is illegal. I would have at least complained to the diner's management, or maybe even called the police.