Monday, June 6, 2011

A Negative Remark

I said we'd even blog about the bad experiences, so here goes...
We're field techs. We pick up parts at the offices of a well known shipping company. Every morning, we give them a list of waybills, they give us boxes. Most of the staff knows we're multiple, and treat us very nicely.
Today, however, I got Brenda. Becca hasn't mentioned any trouble with Brenda, but today she really rubbed m the wrong way!
I gave her my list, and takes 3 customers whocame in after me, just ignoring my list. I speak up, sternly, but calmly, and she gives me some excuse.
A few minutes later, another employee comes to the counter to take other customers, and also says hi and asks me how I'm doing. Brenda says "Oh, she's in a bad mood today!". Bad mood? No, I just don't tolerate being ignored.
She then says, in a deragatory tone, "Yeah, she just yelled at me! She must be one of her other selves today!", and laughs, then refers to me by our body name.
Bitch! First, I was happy till she ignored me and ate up m valuable work time! Second, just because someone pissed me off doesn't mean we switched! What, am I some card board cut out here to express a single emotion? She being a bitch today. By that dumb ass logic, that means she's a multiple in deial! FAIL!


  1. Wow :( .. The word discrimination comes to mind....
    So sorry Mia and JC Klatch :(
    - Chris (Sally and Team)

  2. I reported her to her higher-ups! We're not going to take that garbage from anyone!

  3. Now that's what I wanna hear :) Good goin!
    - Chris