Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confronting the Woman at FedEx!

I saw that woman at FedEx today. Nervous, and still angry, I confronted her. I told her how her comment was not ok. I told her that assuming a change in mood was a change in who's front was offensive. I told her I was pissed.
What I got was the most inscincere appology I've ever heard. That's ok though. I stood my ground and told her that her BS remark about our system was not ok. I'm dissapointed that it had little to no impact, but I am proud to have made my point.

People sharing a body are still people, and dismissing us is not acceptable!

She says crap again, I'll report her again. Someone wants to stay in their closed mind believing I'm just an emotion, they are entitled to their very wrong opinion. Mistreating me and mine over said wrong opinion, that crosses the line!

I am a person, and I WILL be respected as such!

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  1. Saria and I have had this problem over and over again with people involved in Hyrule projects on Second Life and it got to the point where she can't go back to her home because it's run by those assholes. They don't like me so they punish her too. It's ridiculous.