Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Awesome conversation at work!

I hope I can remember everything I wanted to post. I've had quite a hard day.

Today at work, I was crouched over a client's computer. I don't remember exactly how or why, but it came up that we're multiple.
This guy didn't go the usual "You're joking?" route I've come to expect.
He instantly had a ton of questions, which I don't mind. Most times, we're the first multiple people have ever met.
He asked about if we can talk to each other inside, what it sounds like, what's it like being away from the front... the usual curious stuff.
One set of questions I found odd was about eating. No, dude, we don't eat 9 people's worth of food. Just 1 body, just 1 "singletworth" of food.

One of the most interesting things he said, and I won't be able to remember it verbatim, was...
"I think you should be open about it. If you hadn't said anything, and then suddenly you were a whole nother person, I might be a little weirded out. ...but now that you said something, if you switched, I'd be like 'oooh, ok, I already know what this is'. Definitely better to be open about it."
Well said, man. Well said.

That really is in line with what we've experienced. When people "figured out" or "discovered" we are multiple, they were scared, weirded out, put off, any number of negative emotions. However, when we're just up front, "hey, I'm me, and these are the rest of the system I live in", people were more open to it. Even the ones who don't want to understand were less negative and more tolerant.
Open is consistently proving to yield far favorable results!

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  1. I have seriously got to grow some balls and try this. - Dodge.