Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Work has turned out much differently than any of us really expected. We used to hide at work, even after we started being open everywhere else. We would use the body name, blame voice changes on cheap phones, allergies, what-ever.
Mia and I are the only 2 in our system who currently go to work.
Our job is actually pretty well suited for this. We are field technicians. We drive around fixing computers. Most people don't see us on a consistent basis. However, some of our regular repeat clients started asking questions.

Then our manager started having us train new employees. With somebody constantly with us for 8 hours a day, there was no real way to easily play singlet. They wanted to know why we had so many notes, why our voice would change, and once in a while, the current fronter would incorrectly answer a question about something the other had spoken about the day before.
So, I introduced myself to our trainee. He was curious, he had a ton of questions, but ultimately, he was fine with it.
From that point forward, we were open with our co-workers.
With one of our trainees, I gave my individual name to one of our clients instead of the body name. I don't remember the details, but from there it slowly progressed further and further.
These days, I show up, I say I'm Rebecca. Miakoda says she's Miakoda.
Several routine clients actually know the details, that we're a multiple system of several people.
So far, not a single customer has had much of a negative reaction. Only 1 said anything negative at all. He said "As long as none of you are crazy. Are you crazy?! Am I safe?", to which I answered "Both Mia and I have fixed your computer twice before. Anything happen then? Did your computer work when we were done with it?".
"Oh, yeah, you have a point. You're pretty fast too.", and that was the end of it.

One regular client really stands out in my mind. I'm not going to give out their company name, I don't need them getting any e-mails.
We are there a lot. It all started one day when I arrived on site. The woman we go there to see is also named Rebecca, and that's who I asked for. The receptionist looks up, laughing, and says "I goofed, I had put Rebecca as your name!". I had a pretty long wait for that Rebecca to come to the front desk, and the receptionist and I had quite the conversation. I ended up explaining that putting Rebecca as my name wouldn't be the least bit inaccurate. I explained there are 9 of us, 2 of us come to work. "You're joking, right?" "Not in the slightest. Start looking at the signatures when we sign the visitor logs. They're not even close to being the same."
Turns out, they're not only fine with it, but they've given us the most respect we've gotten from clients.
When we show up at their office, they ask us who's front. Whichever answer they get is the name badge we're given. I get "Rebecca C------" and Mia gets "Miakoda C------".
We are treated as 2 separate people who happen to look identical (to an unfamiliar eye, anyway. People who know us can tell us apart at a glance.)
When they call up their IT department to tell them the technician is there, they use our individual names!
I was very happily impressed! We get a lot of questions (of course, we told them we are more than happy to answer questions), but none of them are really insulting.
I can tell you one thing. When we again need one of what they make, that's the brand we're getting!

Overall, work goes smoothly. The boss seems to still be unaware, and we're just going to leave it that way. Clients seem to have no issue with it, for the most part. We get plenty of curious questions, we've gotten a few odd comments such as "I didn't know people like that would be able to hold a job" (wow, society has no clue what multiplicity is actually like!), but nobody has freaked out, nobody to my knowledge has complained, and we currently have a rating of "A".
If the boss figures it out and takes issue with it, I'm just going to reference that A, and all the clients who are always happy to see us and want to know which they're talking to.

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