Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soon, we camp!

It is nearly time for the Forest Folk May Festival.
Forest Folk was the first place we were openly multiple.
Everyone just accepted us there. We were individuals, people got to know us by name, and at last year's August Festival, people asked for individuals by name!
Turns out, we weren't the only plural there. We won't out them though, I'm pretty confident they wish to remain closeted.
Forest Folk was such an accepting place, and we were so happy there, we remodelled our inner landscape after the festival grounds. In our version, we spend most of the time around the fire pit. We have a small house instead of tents as well.

This year, Pastel has glasses. Maybe she can actually socialise now.
Pastel is extremely sensitive to light, as well as sound. She has been for years now, and it's really hampered any hope of her having any fun. Last year, she sat in the dark near the camp fire with a hood pulled down over her eyes as far as she could get it because the camp fire light was very painful for her.
Maybe now she can focus on being herself.

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