Sunday, May 22, 2011

Forest Folk

We just got back from the Forest Folk Festival. Forest Folk is where we first came out openly as plural and introduced ourselves individually. We felt so welcomed and accepted, our inner landscape was remodelled to look very similar to the festival grounds. Needless to say, we were more than ecstatic to return this year!
When we arrived, people recognised Rebecca right away! People were happy to see her, a few asked about the whole group and how they were.
One of the little kids was the most impressive. "I know you're Rebecca, I've got the eyes!"
Lillian got a chance to read, and got in to an in-depth conversation with outsiders regarding authors, ebooks, all her favourite topics.
At one point this weekend, one person left 2 or 3 children in Rebecca's care (Becca offered) for a few moments, knowing full well how many of us there are and having met most of us. Not an ounce of worry regarding the mythical "hidden dangerous alter".
Yes, this place fully accepts us as us! This is our home.

One of the greatest experiences with outsiders this weekend was hearing a friend of ours explain our multiplicity to her young children. She explained that, while they are their souls, and in their body by them selves - they aren't their bodies, just in them - when we were born, several souls entered this body and live together.
The older one seems to understand pretty well, but the younger one seems to think we're just a bunch of people who all look alike. Close enough.
It was adorable when she kept asking us "Where's Julie?", "Where's Mia?". "Where's Rebecca?".
What was really priceless though was what they picked up from me. As their mom was taking them in to the tent for bed, they both stood at the door and signed to me, "Nice to meet you.". It was really sweet, and I was really touched.
Her kids really like us, even if they don't fully understand us.
Her mom and I talked a good portion of the night, via notebook, over a bottle of Sangria. Well, I had the Sangria.

The only downside to being open in such a loud crowd is the number of times we've had to explain us. However, it was really surprising how quickly the number of times we got asked "Who's front?" died down. (We don't mind, and we encourage it. Know us!) People really started to pick up on who's who rather quickly.
If you find yourselves open in a big crowd, and it's practical to return to your camp site or hotel room often, props seem to help groups of outsiders understand who's who. As often as possible during the festival, Lilly carried her nook, Miakoda carried her stuffed wolf (Floppy), Becca wore her hat, and of course, Pastel has her glasses. This seemed to have kept the confusion down.
Of course, we kept one front for several hours at a time, so there really wasn't much running back to the camp site.

I can't tell you enough how amazing it is to be recognised and accepted, and loved! Yes, each of us - not some composite of us.
I have never before felt so...
allowed to exist!

Step forward, stand up, say "We're here!", and eventually you will find the people who will accept you!


  1. Jenn choose not to participate openly, and instead watched with Rebecca. She was still nervous and just wanted passive participation this event.